Wednesday, June 11, 2008

feeling my years.

I have been feeling so old lately. I know coming from a 25 (and a half, thank you) year old, that sounds preposterous. But really, This quarter century thing is catching up with me. I have a self-imposed 10pm bedtime, I get sore 2 days after i work out instead of the day after, I am now a hangover queen, and my gray hairs are hooking up and having babies all over my head.

Last night Amy and I went out to Edinboro to celebrate the 21st birthday of a friend's daughter. Last year, the last of my friends turned 21, I was convinced that would be my last 21st birthday party. This one snuck on me. I had the presence of mind to limit my consumption of "birthday shots" and was in bed by midnight, but it left me feeling I'm a little too old to have that much fun.

okay, okay. so this old girl can still hang, getting moving the next day is just a little harder than it used to be.

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Liz said...

Stumbled onto your blog this afternoon, and I agree. I turned 28 this year, and noticed a HUGE change in things. I run slower (ok, I really dont run at all if possible) and there are wrinkles around my eyes. Seriously, they popped up in a months time.